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Women's Issues Advisory Committee

Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope to keep you informed of the happenings in and around campus that are specifically related to the committee's purpose and goals.  Feel free to communicate with us.  We want to hear from you!

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Women's Issues Advisory Committee at Columbus State University is to address concerns related to the general welfare of all women on campus. The committee has the responsibility to identify problems, define issues, and recommend policies and/or solutions that would change those attitudes and practices that restrict the growth and development of women at Columbus State. The committee has the additional responsibility of promoting awareness of women's issues on campus.

Our Goals

  •  Identify the needs of women through interaction and communication with individuals, groups, administrators, and other college committees.

  • Serve as a resource and support group in cases of complaints involving women's issues.
  • Encourage enforcement of existing policies affecting the salaries and wages, employment, and general welfare of women on campus.

     Establish task forces to develop programs and activities promoting women and women's issues on campus.

     Address the needs of women on the Columbus State University campus by formulating short- and long-term objectives within the broad framework of the committee's responsibility.

     Maintain good working relationships with other women's organizations in the community promoting proactive, collaborative endeavors.

    Submit an annual report to the President, Faculty Senate, and Affirmative Action Officer. This report shall be available to all department heads. Such a report may make recommendations for improving the status of women on campus.

    Sponsor an annual report for all women faculty/staff, students, and interested others to inform them of the status of women on this campus.

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