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President: Serves as the principal officer of the association and presides at all meetings of the association, including a typed agenda, and the Board of Directors and the executive board. Responsible for seeing that the lines of direction given by the Board are carried into effect and for reporting to the membership and the Board of Directors on the conduct of the affairs of the association. The president also appoints committees and their chairpersons, subject to the approval of the executive board, and make other appointments as necessary. This person should also maintain open lines of communication with the Georgia Association of Nursing Students West District Director (initially within the first week of school) and Nominating and Elections Committee. Also the president must be available at all times and respond to request within 48 hours.

1st Vice President: Assume the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President, accede to the office of President in the case of a vacancy in the office. The 1st Vice President should also maintain open lines of communication with faculty for nominations and elections; also stand ready to assist faculty as needed.

2nd Vice President: Assume the duties of the First Vice President in the absence or disability of the First Vice President. Perform other duties assigned by the president, manage and assists Public Relations, Fundraiser, and BTN Director.

Treasurer: Act as custodian of organization funds, serve as advisor in fundraising projects as directed by the executive board, present a written monthly financial report to the executive board to include income, expenditures, and balances. The treasure should also present a proposed itemized budget to the incoming executive board for the coming fiscal year.

Secretary: Prepare the minutes of all business meetings of the Association and Executive Board and send minutes via e-mail within a week to members. Manage, update, and track all files pertaining to Association business to include: community service hours, calendars, and all other files as assigned by the President. Perform other duties assigned by the executive board. The secretary is also in charge of all equipment and rooms reserved for conferences.

SGA Representative: Responsible for establishing and maintaining a creditable and legitimate relationship with the Student Government Association (SGA). This person is also responsible for maintaining open lines of communication between CSU-SNA and SGA.

Fundraiser: Responsible for amassing moneys and/or goods and services as directed by the board. Advance the cause of the organization through the charitable activity of its benefactor's list. This person with also be responsible for approving all fundraising activities. This is also the person is to organize and initiate T-shirt sales.

Public Relations: This person is responsible for establishing and maintaining the history of the Association as directed by the executive board and assist BTN Director with activities/operations, create and post flyers to advertise meetings and upcoming events. This person should assist in fundraising activities and other activities as directed by the executive board. This person should also attend conferences, community events, departmental events, etc., where possible. They should also organize and be the main contact for community service activities such as walks within the community, and also send thank you notes to donators for fundraisers, etc for SNA.

Breakthrough to Nursing: This person should seek, engage, and recruit pre-nursing majors as identified by Student Activities, SGA, and PR, use appropriate means of contacting identified individuals as directed by the executive board. This person shall attend high school and health science department related events to promote and recruit new members.

Legislative Director: Stay informed concerning legislation affecting nurses and nursing students. Keep the executive board and SNA members informed concerning nursing legislation at the city, state and national level. This person should also serve as a Delegate at regional and national conventions, function as Sergeant at Arms and enforce Robert's Rules of Order at all SNA meetings and officer meetings.  Work with faculty advisors to plan local SNA chapter's involvement in Legislative  Day.