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Submission Deadline:
December 12, 2010


Please send separate emails for each category (Art, Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry) to: Include Contributor Information in the body of your email with the subject line: Submissions_(Category).

Contributor Information:

Status: (Freshman, Sophmore, Junior, Senior, Graduate Student)
Email Address:

Submitted Work(s): List the title(s) and category of all work(s) submitted with this form. If any work has been previously published, provide the journal name, volume, date, and page(s).

1. [Title & Category]
2. [Title & Category]
3. [Title & Category]
4. [Title & Category]

Originality Clause: By submitting the completed submission form, along with one or more works, to Arden, I certify to the best of my knowledge that the work(s) is/are of my own original authorship. I understand that submitting work(s) other than my own will result in disqualification for acceptance and may result in disciplinary action. I also understand that if my work(s) are published, I retain the rights to the work(s).

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