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From the First Edition


     The title of this journal, Arden, perhaps needs a bit of clarification for those who are unfamiliar with the reference. Arden was taken from the name of a forest in As You Like It by William Shakespeare. In this play, Arden serves as a locale in which all that seems to exist may or may not be real. It is a land in which creativity flourishes and love blooms. A home for the oppressed as well as for the virtuous laborers of nature, Arden, is considered to be a "green world," a place away from the strict rules and structures of society, where the imagination suspends reality, allowing disguises, trickery, and wit to enlighten and entertain the mind.

     This journal was started as an outlet for those among us who indulge in creative writing and drawing. Upon its pages one will discover many forms and styles of poetry, prose, and visual art. From the classical heroic couplet to the honored sestina and the stream of consciousness prose popularized by such writers as Faulkner and Kerouac, the pieces of work contained on these pages serve as a partial representation of the talent and insight of this campus.


                      -John Kocian, first editor of Arden

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